Travel Purses for a Safe Vacation

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This incidence happened a few years back when I was sitting on a Metro in Paris. I had my bag tightly pressed against the wall as I knew the reputation of Paris for pickpockets and other undesired things. Suddenly, I saw that a young woman was slowly unzipping the handbag of the lady who was standing in front of me. Luckily for her, I reached out and grabbed the bag.

No matter, whether you travel to far away places or go near-by, you must pay attention to your surroundings. It could be the major difference between a good and a bad time. The same thing is true about having the appropriate purse for travel. Whether the purse should be small or big, elegant or casual depends on the distance and duration of your journey. And of course, it also depends on the amount of stuff that you need to take with you. As far as I am concerned, usually, a cellular phone, a credit card and my lip-stick is sufficient for me. But, if you need more, there is a bag for your needs as well.

Usually, if the trip is for a week or two, you should consider about taking a bag which has wheels. You may also take a bag for camera. This bag should have partitions for essentials like wallet, phone etc. and should also have a shoulder strap. This helps in getting around faster and easily while your hands are still free!! Sometimes, you can also take a small flat shoulder leather bag, with a size of about 6″x8″. It should have arrangements to keep the above mentioned essentials along with your passport, cash, comb, notepad and pen etc. It is easy to wear such a bag under a sweater, a coat or even the shirt. It is not detectable. Of course, you can always keep money in the innerwear or socks etc., but, it looks tacky to put a hand down your shirt when the bill comes.

Now a days, bags and purses for travel are available in a wide variety of designs and styles. Thus, even those amongst us, who are the most fashion minded, can also get what suits them the best. Something that is practical can be stylish as well. Considering a bag that is safe for travel is also a good idea. Such bags have a number of partitions in which you can organize your valuable things. This protects you from being a target, while searching for your keys or some coins for the pay toilet. Such safe bags include features like slash proof nylon, pocket zipper pulls (which get locked) and wire-enforced shoulder straps which make it impossible to cut them by scissors.

There is no doubt that nylon and leather are the most durable materials, But, if you are planning to go to a beach or to some place like London, you should also think about taking a waterproof bag. The bag should be light in weight and should have handles which are convertible. It is neither a clutch, nor a handbag for obvious reasons. It is a shoulder bag. If you only need one or two items for the day, a body pack is great. This is especially important as all thieves are aware about money belts. These belts can also be uncomfortable sometimes.

What if you are going to some event like a class reunion or wedding etc.? This needs that you wear your finest jewels so as to make everyone jealous. In such situations, you should consider a travel jewelry roll. The variety of their sizes helps you to fit them in the suitcase or your purse. To make them green with envy, you can also choose the travel jewelry case combined with a hotel that provides a big safe.

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